another “previously on life”

No clue why I’m writing this in English but that’s what I am doing now and who cares.

it’s close to one year I have started this new career as an android programmer and it’s been fun so far.

recently I have started thinking about buying a house or town house or something but I assume it’s not very serious yet.

I really like my team here at work but again probably something is not satisfying again, specially recently, which make me kind of uncomfortable.

Life has been good so far. We are back together and everything is really nice and smooth. Love is back to life and what more can I possibly ask for?

what else… most of our friends somehow ended up far far away and everything is on the refresh phase so far. who knows what’s next…

Yesterday I went to play soccer with a bunch of strangers from a meetup group. it was fun and I probably keep going. last year we went to some beach fun meetups and probably it begins this summer again. also we have started going for a light run on the hills close to us but it’s been on and off since then.

Sara has started dome serious working in the film industry and we have high hopes in her.

I keep thinking to open a door to talk to my employer for a raise since there still 6 more month with them till I get to day to day situation before full time position. and yet the income sounds not good enough.

we will be citizens pretty soon! it was just yesterday we landed in LAX for the first time and next thing you know it’s already five years.

after all I’m thankful for all I have and happiness be all over us!



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